About The Salon



We specialize in hair emergencies, creating community and changing the world view of professional stylists and salons.



Does specializing in hair emergencies mean we can’t cover your grey or do the creative looks you see on Instagram? 

No! It just means that most people find us because of a problem they are facing. We are a full service hair salon with specialists in all hair types, textures, lengths and services.

If you need it, we have it. 

We just happen to be really good at repairing the damage done by hair services gone wrong (even if you did it to yourself).

What does it mean to create a community?

Our team and guests have formed bonds that go beyond your average service, and we are committed to continuing to serve people in a way that increases connection that may be missing from their everyday lives. In other words, you matter. And everything we do is meant to enhance the lives of every human we come in contact with. We are better together.


How are we changing the world view of professional stylists and salons?

We were sick of being viewed as unprofessional, but we knew that it was us who needed to change, not you. In 2011, we began the journey to create an environment of inspired, focused professionals who took their responsibility to you seriously. Every member of our team is put through a rigorous training program focused on professional and personal development, which never stops, regardless of the amount of time they have been doing hair. 

Overall, we love what we do, we love the people we do it with, and we love getting to know you.

You give us the opportunity to live extraordinary lives, and you deserve more from a professional salon. We will ALWAYS be focused on delivering the more you need, EVERY GUEST, EVERY TIME.